Our Vision

Grace Falls is a Bible-based, Jesus Christ focused, Spirit-led church.  We believe a church can have the greatest impact by EMPOWERING the people.  This takes place through fostering a CHURCH HOME where people can be REAL; where they can build lasting and meaningful RELATIONSHIPS; where the messages are RELEVANT; where the PRAISE & WORSHIP is personal and AUTHENTIC; and where the body is CELEBRATED as being made up of unique and creative individuals who together can RELEASE the Kingdom of God in such a way as to transform our City, Region, State, and Nation.  We value creating an atmosphere focused on the Kingdom of God, and a culture that attracts people and allows them the FREEDOM to enjoy being a part of something MEANINGFUL and FUN!

Our Story

Grace Falls is a Bible based Church that has been established in Idaho Falls for 3 years.

Meet the Team


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Jacob Sonnenberg

Lead Pastor

Jake moved between Blackfoot and Pocatello throughout his childhood and adolescence.  He was raised in a loving, yet broken home. Jake bounced among his mother’s, father’s and grandparents’ homes. He struggled with drugs and alcohol from a young age. Jake gave his life to Jesus in early 2008, but ran from God until early 2009. Jake and his wife have been faithfully serving in ministry since that time. In 2013, they packed up their family and moved to Boise.  They began helping Pastor James & Katie prepare to launch Grace Falls, and moved back to Idaho Falls in 2015. In 2017, he and his wife were license as campus pastors and then in the fall of 2018, they became the lead pastors of Grace Falls. Jake enjoys the outdoors and is always there to help when he can. He loves people and really has a heart to see people’s lives changed, not only in the church, but also in the community by releasing Jesus’ love!





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Jessica Sonnenberg

Lead Pastor

Jessica was born and raised in Idaho Falls. She is the oldest of four, but grew up with a total of 15 children because her parents fostered many children throughout her life. Jessica was raised in a good home, but was also exposed to drugs, alcohol, all forms of abuse and death.

Her family began attending church when she was eight years old and she accepted the Lord into her heart at the age of 10 during an alter call at a Carmen concert. She recalls loving the Lord and wanting to share Him and His love with the whole world. Jessica experienced a tumultuous adolescence filled with a series of traumatic events, which resulted in her turning from the Lord. While she continued in and out of church, she was consumed with drugs and alcohol.


Jessica rededicated her life to the Lord after a radical encounter with God in 2007 and has been running for Him ever since. Her life has been completely transformed and restored.  She now has two wonderful children. She married her fabulous husband, Jacob, in 2010 and has been serving and leading in ministry since then. They have varied church backgrounds, which have enhanced their understanding of the differing needs within the body of Christ.

In 2013, they stepped out in faith, packed everything they owned, left everything they knew, and relocated to Boise, Idaho, out of obedience to God.  In 2014, they were reunited with Pastor James and Katie Trent and helped to launch Grace Falls church in Idaho Falls in 2015, where they have been faithfully serving in a variety of ministries. In 2017,  Jessica and her husband Jacob became license as campus pastors and then in the fall of 2018, they became the lead pastors of Grace Falls.

In this journey called life, Jessica has learned that she loves and cares for people very deeply. She believes building healthy relationships is essential to succeed in life. She desires to be able to share who God truly is and what His unconditional love can do for others.



Nick Bowes

Generational Leader

Nick grew up in Pittsburg, CA. In 2003, at the age of 19, he and his family relocated to Idaho Falls seeking a better life. Nick was not happy with the direction his life was going and wanted something different for himself. He met his future wife and mother of his children shortly after arriving in Idaho, and they were married in 2005. After 13 years of battling addiction, he was diagnosed with a rare case of leukemia in 2013. He had three brain tumors and was given just three months to live, with only a 10% chance of surviving a bone marrow transplant. After being asked multiple times to attend the church his dad went to for prayer, he and his wife decided to go. Brothers and sisters in Christ joined together, laying hands on him and praying for healing and restoration. Just two weeks later, to everyone’s amazement, God had healed him, with no treatment of any kind! The doctors declared it a miracle! Nick has since been set free from all addictions and has been on fire for Christ, sharing his faith and testimony ever since. He has a passion for Christ and His people, as well as for his family, and has been spreading the Gospel ever since!






Tisha Bowes

Generational Leader

Tisha grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho, in a tumultuous home where physical and verbal abuse were not uncommon. Through the years, she buried all of her pain deep inside and built walls to keep even her closest friends at a distance. Despite being in and out of church throughout her life, she had difficulty developing an intimate relationship with God. This caused Tisha to struggle with confidence, doubting herself as a mother, wife, and even as a child of God. She became skilled at putting a smile on her face and pretending everything was perfect on the outside, while falling apart on the inside.

In 2013, Tisha’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, which led them on a difficult journey that has ultimately brought her into an intimate relationship with the Lord beyond anything she could have imagined! Through their family’s struggles and victories, including her husband’s miraculous healing, she has begun to lean on Christ and gained more self-confidence. She is now flourishing in her many roles in life, realizing she does not have to have everything together all of the time.

Tisha has a passion for teaching children both professionally in the school setting and as a Generational Leader at Grace Falls. Tisha is very creative and crafty, and has an eye for bringing out the beauty in things. She loves spending time with the Lord, her family, and her friends. God has been faithful throughout her journey and she is excited to be able to help others grow and flourish.





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Tiffany Clay


Tiffany was born and raised in Idaho Falls. She grew up in church and came to know Jesus at a young age, but didn’t really develop a relationship with him until 2010. She grew up in a home that didn't offer much love and support. She used to have issues trusting God and viewing him as loving and kind, but then in 2013, she had an experience with his love and can now say that she knows God to be a faithful, loving, and compassionate father. God has healed her from many wounds from her past and he continually helps her to walk and grow in her identity as a child of God. Tiffany has been a part of Grace Falls since its inception and is excited to see the awesome things that are going to happen when this city encounters the love of God! Tiffany is currently the Secretary/Treasurer of Grace Falls. She also takes care of the administrative side of the church and plays a big part on the Grace Falls worship team.