Jesus Uncut Series

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Sometimes we tend to look right over what the Lord is saying to us. Follow us as Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg takes us through some of the various parables where we believe Jesus is saying one thing, when in fact He is saying something completely different.

Jesus Uncut Controlled Chaos

jesus uncut chaos

Pastor Darryl Carnley helps us nagivate through life, with its ups, downs and everything in between. Some would call it controlled chaos!

Controlled Chaos Pt.1

Jesus Uncut

What you want


what you need

jesus uncut what u want

There is a difference between what we want and what we need. Pastor Jacob Sonneneberg takes us through this question and brings Biblical understanding to the difference between what we want and what we need.

Mark 2:1 -12 (NLT)

Jesus Uncut

Prodigal Son

Jesus Uncut Prodigal Son

No matter where we go, how far we run from God, He will always be there and ready to receive us back into his loving arms. Dont let how far you've strayed from the Lord, keep you from knowing that Jesus Loves you and wants you!!

Luke 15:17 - 32 (NLT)

Jesus Uncut

Who do you say I AM?

Jesus Uncut who you say

Follow along as our very own Kristy Hammer speaks on identity with Christ!!

Jesus Uncut

Faith or Frantic

Jesus Uncut faith or frantic

Don't allow the things that try to make you frantic overpower your Faith. Are you walking frantically or full of Faith. This week Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg touches on what this looks like in our lives.

Luke 8:22 - 25(NLT)

Jesus Uncut

Miracle Through Your Hands

Jesus Uncut Miracle Hands

What has God called us to do? He wants to work in and THROUGH your life. Come along as Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg discusses Miracles through our hands! You don't want to miss this message

Luke 9 (NLT)

Jesus Uncut

Count the Cost

Jesus Uncut ctc

Before we start anything in our lives, a project, a DYI, whatever it is. It's wise to count the cost before we start to make sure that its something we can complete. Otherwise there isn't a reason to start. Jesus calls us to count the cost of following Him before we do, that way we know whether we have what it takes to finish what we start or not.

Luke 14:15-24(NLT)

Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus Uncut


Jesus Uncut believe

Seeing is not believing, Believing is seeing. Come along with Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg while he touches on Belief and what that looks like. (We apologize for the recording)

John 20:14-29(NLT)