Every year in August we have a theme month. Each week has a selected theme and we invite people to dress up for it if they would like, we have family church, snacks and a photo booth. Click here for the August Days Series. We hope you can join us and see for yourself what we mean when we say "Experience Church Differently".

Are you growing_

Growing can look like a lot of things. The process has many stages, what it looks like can be determined by so many different elements. Take a listen to find out what Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg has for us in regards to Growing in Christ.

Building Season

In the Bible we are told there is a time for everything. Join us as Pastor Jessica Sonnenberg talks about a season of building and what that looks like.

jesus uncut

Come along as we journey with Pastor Jacob Sonnenberg and others to explorer a different side of what Jesus is saying. It might not be what you expect!

Mother's Day message

This Sunday is Mothers Day! Take a listen as hear what Danni Westbrook has to say about Mom's.

graham mclernon

Come along as our very own Grahm Mclernon talks about pursuing Jesus.